Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

Each new year I try to take a moment or two to reflect upon what has happened in my life, good and bad, and make some decisions for the coming year.  I don't like to use the "R" word...I hate lying to myself so blatantly...but in reality the decisions I make are quite synonymous to any resolutions I might make as well.

I think the best part of the new year is that each holds no more or less promise than the last; each year, much like each month, week, day, hour, minute or moment, is what you make of it.  2010 is a year unlike any other, there is no doubt about that, but I can make what I want out of it.  I want to be successful this year, so I need to make a conscious decision to do that.  I want to be less depressed this year, so, again, I must commit to that for my own gain.  There are many directions this year might turn, so I need to brace myself and hold on for what is sure to be an adventurous ride.

Bring it on, 2010! I think I'm ready for you...and if I'm not, then I'd better get myself prepared because it's coming at me, ready or not.

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