Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I am real

It hurts to be ignored. I'm a person. I don't just go away when you pretend I'm not there. The only thing that starts to go away is my trust and my self-worth. I am real. I have thoughts, and hopes, and feelings that don't just vanish with your lack of caring. It hurts to be forgotten and tossed aside as though I'm unimportant and disposable. I hate to assume the worst...that it happened intentionally with hopes that I would vanish until it's more convenient for you...but it's happened that way before, so it's hard not to think it's happening again. If I'm your friend then treat me like one, please.

Don't toss me aside as though I am meaningless because I have fought so hard for so long to convince myself that I have meaning. Don't ignore me as though I don't deserve better because I still fight to tell myself that I do...because I'm not so sure of it myself.

Please just be my friend and stand beside me. Please just be my friend and hold my hand when I'm unsure. Please just be my friend and hold me close when it hurts. Please just be my friend and think about me sometimes, and try not to hurt me. I have real feelings, and I cry real tears, because I'm a real person, and sometimes it hurts.

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